Top Summer Activities Your Dog Will Enjoy

21 Jun 2019 | Written by Tori Holmes
You’ve heard of the expression “the dog days of summer” - but this year, we challenge you to give it a whole new meaning and fill your days with things you and your pup can enjoy together. To help get you started, here are five tried and true activities you can try.

Chill out at a dog-friendly beach

Whether you go in a group or just you and your pup, a day spent at your local dog-friendly beach is sure to be a blast. Pack plenty of snacks, fresh water, and toys and you have everything you need to create an amazing summer memory. If there are no beaches nearby, look for a local dog-friendly splash pad or create your own water park in your yard using a sprinkler or hose.

Plan picnics and visits to the dog park

If the beach doesn’t spark your interest, dog parks are another great place to spend a beautiful summer day. Your dog can meet up with friends, or make new ones, and burn off some energy – just make sure you pack plenty of water! Dog parks are often located within larger parks, so after they’ve tired themselves out you could have a quiet picnic nearby. All you need to bring is something to sit on and a cooler bag filled with tasty treats for yourself and your pup’s favorite Freshpet recipe.

Take a camping trip

There’s no better way to celebrate summer than to escape the city and enjoy some time in nature. The majority of campsites are dog-friendly, the only thing you’ll want to double check is whether or not they have pet guidelines that will need the followed, such as keeping pets on-leash. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also try backcountry camping. This involves a little bit more planning, as you won’t have access to any amenities that normal campsites come with, but it’s a great opportunity to disconnect and enjoy some quality time with your pup.

Checking out your local hiking trails

Instead of your usual walking route, make a point of checking out new hiking or walking trails in your area. Not only will this let you discover new parts of your city, but you may also find your new go-to walking route! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out one of these top pet-friendly hiking trails in the US.

Enjoy some chilly homemade treats

Nothing beats the heat like a frozen treat, especially when you’re wearing a fur coat you can’t take off. There are countless recipes online for frozen homemade dog treats using ice cube trays and ingredients you have around the house, so you’ll have plenty to try throughout the summer. If you’re looking for something that will entertain your pup for a bit longer, try making a frozen toy. These usually follow similar recipes to the treats, but require larger freezable molds.

Whether you’re hitting the trails, meeting friends at the beach, or anything else, planning activities you and your pup can enjoy together will make this a summer to remember.

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