Steps for Donations: ResQWalk

05 Mar 2015 | Written by Freshpet
Your daily walk with your dog can sometimes just be routine as usual, but ResQWalk wants to give your steps even more purpose.   Each week, ResQWalk, an iPhone and Android app, announces a donation pool that is available for animal rescues. But for the donation money to be distributed, app users must check-in for their walk and select a rescue to support. There are hundreds of rescues to choose from, so you can continue to support your favorite or spread the love around. Each step is recorded in miles within the app and totaled for each rescue. At the end of the week, the donation pool is paid to the rescues proportionally to the total distance walked.   ResQwalk2     The app allows you to keep a list of favorite rescues to walk for, track your walks over time and read fun pet news. We loved this simple way of giving back that we decided to share it with our pet parents and ask them to make it a family affair!     7660943542_b0e9ed9eab_b   Sign up for the app and encourage the rest of your family and friends to do the same. Turn your routine into something special for rescued pets that can use a helping hand. If you don't see your favorite rescue encourage them to sign up on and take advantage of the support. Know a company or someone finding creative ways to give back to the animal community? We'd love to hear about what they're doing! Share with us your Tail of Good here.   8190831547_c5d601163f_b   ToG_button[1]

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