Tails of Good: Tessa’s Journey

01 Nov 2014 | Written by Freshpet
Earlier this year tiny Tessa was surrendered as a stray at only 6 weeks old to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Noblesville, Indiana. When she was taken in, they realized Tessa would require more attention and patience than your average puppy.   S_Tw_ToG_Tessa   After running a few tests, the shelter discovered that Tessa was born with a cyst on her spinal cord leaving her with no use of her back legs. With signs that she had some feeling in her legs and toes, Tessa’s foster mom, Charlene, decided to make it her mission to help her gain as much mobility as possible and find a home.   1505044_698968840195353_7094033319843970042_nCharlene worked with Tessa on daily exercises, and explored different ways to increase her flexibility like acupuncture to stimulate her legs into gear. She also made sure Tessa maintained a healthy diet with Freshpet to keep her energy up. And despite her disability Tessa has been known as "The Hulk" when it comes to her two front legs. “She has super human strength, which helps her pull herself around and pull her back end muscles up as well,” Charlene shares.   Tessa has gotten to a place where she manages to trot around independently to enjoy playtime like a puppy should. Charlene says, “I have discovered in this journey that even if lil Miss Tessa never walks in the traditional sense, that she is still a mover and a shaker!”   Charlene was happy to share with us that her mission is almost complete. Tessa has just moved into a new home that is excited to learn everything they need to care for her with all intention to adopt her soon.   We’ve found that Charlene’s determination to help Tessa find her strength, and Tessa’s tenacity for life to be truly inspiring. Follow Tessa’s progress as she learns to be more mobile on her Facebook Page, “Tessa’s Journey.”   ToG_button[1]

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