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07 Jan 2015 | Written by Freshpet
We've written in the past about therapy pets and how they can make an amazing difference to hospital patients. They're able to make those suffering from painful diseases feel at ease and enjoy moments of laughter and happiness. But for Anthony Lyons, a teenager and patient at the Phoenix Children's Hospital, dogs are sometimes the only thing that make him feel better in treatment.    Anthony is 16 years old and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. There are days where he gets visits from therapy dogs so he can relax. But for those days when the dogs don't come in, a close friend of the family, Roberta, found a  solution. Roberta started a Facebook event called "Photo Doggies for Anthony" to encourage friends, family, or anyone who would come across the page, to share photos of their dog to make Anthony smile.  
[caption id="attachment_100815" align="aligncenter" width="600"]ToG_Blog_Gunner_Utah Gunner from Utah[/caption]
  The response has been so overwhelming that even news sources have caught wind, making this plea for dog photos a viral sensationThousands of people having been sharing their photos of their adorable and silly dogs just to make Anthony's day. If you visit the Facebook event, there's a new photo every minute.  
[caption id="attachment_100816" align="aligncenter" width="600"]ToG_Blog_Oreo_NewYork Oreo from New York[/caption]
  We're encouraging all of our Freshpet parents to lend your pet to be a virtual therapy animal for a day. Share a favorite photo of your pets to make Anthony smile here – just remember to include where your furry family is saying hello from, too   You can also assist him and his family with medical expenses by donating to  Anthony's Journey to Wellness. For every Freshpet parent that shares a photo with Anthony, we’ll donate $1 to help cover his medical expenses. Make sure to tag @freshpet on your Facebook photo posts on the event page here so that we can track each and every one.*

Wishing Anthony a quick recovery!


*Freshpet will donate up to $1,000.

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