Putting the Chic in Shelter

28 May 2015 | Written by Freshpet
After visiting many  shelters that felt sad or depressing, Brittany Feldman was motivated to start her own shelter that would be more uplifting. Brittany teamed up with close friend, Amanda Folk, to kick start Shelter Chic, a "positive, stylish and fun atmosphere" that would excite and entice people to adopt their pets rather than get them from local pet shops or breeders.   [caption id="attachment_105925" align="aligncenter" width="700"]11206661_983962581627830_9161664380216064195_o Brittany and Amanda at the First Annual Shelter Chic Benefit[/caption]   Brittany first had the idea while she was fostering a 3 year old Yorkie. She walked her around the neighborhood with an "Adopt Me" vest. People who passed them on their walk looked extremely sad and avoided approaching the dog. "I gave her a bath, put her in a cute outfit and walked the same exact street with her and people gave her much more attention than I expected," says Brittany. This fueled the idea of how Shelter Chic would approach pet adoption differently. By dressing up the dogs or cats in a more positive (and stylish) way with bowties, tutus and flashy collars, they could highlight their colorful personalities rather than maybe showcasing the sad reality that they do not have a permanent home.   IMG_9691   At the moment Shelter Chic is operating out of homes and apartments of volunteers and fosters while they raise money to open up their first shelter and pet boutique. They recently were able to raise over $19,000 at their First Annual Shelter Chic Benefit last month, but they still need help from pet lovers. Freshpet has graciously donated to their efforts and we ask that you consider donating to help start a new and exciting way to help pets who need homes in New York City.   If you are in the New York City, Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut area and have considered fostering a dog or cat, Shelter Chic would love to hear from you! Brittany and Amanda hope to foster more pets in the coming months and help them find families, but will need more foster parents to do so. If you're interested in playing a part, fill out their foster application here or feel free to email Freshpet at [email protected] for more information.   ToG_button[1]  

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