The Stars of the Freshpet Holiday Feast Find Homes

24 Dec 2014 | Written by Freshpet
We had so much fun putting together the Freshpet  Holiday Feast video for so many reasons, but for us, the highlight was working with the Humane Society of Utah. It was important to us to use our video to support shelters and rescues, and to help dispel stereotypes that shelter pets may not be trained or well-behaved. HSU was gracious enough to help by allowing some adoptables to star in the video.   A day before filming, we visited the HSU to meet all of the dogs and cats that would be featured in our video. We were amazed by how incredible these pets were. They behaved like pros, and were incredibly sweet, loving, and beautiful.  All the animals were excited for a day of fun (and lots of food), plus a moment in the spotlight that would help them find a home.   ToG_HF_03   The shelter pets in the Freshpet Holiday Feast were up for adoption at the time they starred in our video. To help encourage families to take them home, we offered to pay for their adoption fees and send them home with a supply of fresh food and treats. We're extremely excited to share that as of today, all but two have found a loving home. Alyne, a volunteer at Utah Humane says, "We saw a lot of foot traffic and had 40 adoptions in the first 2 days after the video was released."   ToG_HF_02   As for the two currently still available for adoption from the #FreshpetFeast, you'll realize you recognize these faces. Meet Lion and Bear.     S_Tw_ToG_Lion_02   Lion was the host of the Holiday Feast. He is a 5 year old domestic shorthair with gorgeous markings. He also gets along with just about everyone he meets. He enjoys his kitty companions in his Kitty City Villa  at the Utah Human Society and uses his litter box with ease. Lion has proven he travels well to sets, radio stations and settles into to new situations and places well. If you or someone you know would be interested taking home Lion visit his profile here.   S_Tw_ToG_Bear_02     Just look at those eyes! This is Bear, who starred as the quirky Grandpa in the Holiday Feast. He is a 7 year old Pit bull mix. Bear is a mellow and mature gentleman, he gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He's well educated and knows commands like sit, stay, come, shake, and go to bed. Like any true gent he walks well on a leash and enjoys sitting at anyone's side and listening to conversation. Bear likes to maintain his handsome physique by playing with soccer balls, jogging and playing with his toys. To learn more about Bear visit his profile here.     To see Lion and Bear in action, watch the Freshpet Holiday Feast below!    

    Alyne says, "We have wonderful animals still awaiting loving families of their own at HSU, if you have been thinking about adding to pet to your family this season please consider adopting your new best friend!" We couldn't agree more. If you'd like to learn a bit more about the animals at Utah Humane Society visit their website at If you're looking for a shelter or rescue near you, Petfinder's search is a great place to start.   ToG_button[1]

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