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12 Nov 2018 | Written by Freshpet

While there are many ways to say "I love you" to our pets, we couldn't think of a better way of doing so than by giving the pet parents in our community the opportunity to get their pet's portrait tattooed onto them!

So we asked people to share the special ways they show their cats or dogs how much they're loved, and picked the top 8 stories that stole our hearts. Then on a breezy Saturday in November, we invited the winners down to First Class Tattoos in New York City. Using some dashing headshots of their animals, artists worked through the day to create beautiful, photo-realistic tattoos that captured the spirit and sweetness of these beloved pets.

Here's a shoutout to our winners, and to the many ways they say "I love you" to their best friends, most reliable listeners and favorite cuddle partners:

1. Bryce D.

"Nothing like a good massage and the sweet sounds of the sax to show Ollie some love." [playlist type="video" tracklist="false" ids="195455"]

2. Heather R.

"Taking Charlie on walks where he loves to flop around on the ground; belly, ear and toe bean rubs; play time in shipping boxes and on pizza boxes."

3. Ryan C.

"Belly rubs all day for my fur baby."

4. Marisa G.

"@lilybug_lpb is known around NYC as the Hugging Pit Bull because she loves giving #ahugfrombug...each night when I get home from work I sit with LilyBug for a few minutes of hugs - it’s how I show her I love her and vice versa."

5. Vanessa C.

"Ever since I adopted Roadie 4 years ago, she is almost always by my side. We go on long walks and hikes, when we go out to eat, I always make sure there is dog friendly seating and healthy food options for both of us. Even though I mostly just pack her healthy snacks with me anyway. She has a great appetite, and I keep her on a healthy diet, and regular visits to the vet. I want to keep with me as long as possible. Even when we travel across the country together. But best of all... it's that warm cuddle and sleep time together that is our favorite."

6. Cianna B.

"Lucy is my first baby and my ESA. At only 5 months old, she is a prodigy, and I rant about all the new tricks she learns in puppy school. I've made her meals, homemade treats, and even a graduation cap. I make sure to strut her around campus, and everyone can't get enough of her cute little face and her mischievous/silly personality. Getting a tattoo of my pup? Now THAT is the dedication that I am down for."

7. Robert H.

"My dog hates taking a bath, so I have to hold him while I bathe him."

8. Anastasia H.

"Rue loves extra snuggling and pets, so even when she is chewing on her bone, she likes to get pet!" Thanks for all of those you came out to our Freshpet x First Class Tattoo Pawlor this past weekend.
Couldn't make it but still want to join in on our celebration? Leave us a comment below of your favorite way to show your pet some extra love!
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