The Black Cat Myth

05 Sep 2012 | Written by Freshpet
The black cat does not have it easy. It was once considered an amazing creature by the Egyptians, but the dread of black kitties suddenly arose in Europe during the Middle Ages. Ever since then, there have been many cat superstitions passed around. Here are some common assumptions about our black feline companions from the ASPCA we hope to set straight. Black Cats Bring Bad Luck. False. The color of your kitty’s coat does not have any bearing on luck. In fact, many other cultures, like the Japanese and British Isles, consider black cats to be prized pets. Black Cats Are Evil. False. Sure they like to climb onto furniture and use it as a scratching post, but don’t all cats like to do that? It is highly unlikely your black cat is evil. Black Cats Are Often Unwanted. True. Most shelters and rescues can confirm black cats are the hardest to get adopted. There are half as likely to find a forever home than other cats. This is because of the popular belief that black cats bring bad luck. Black Cats Make Awesome Pets! True. Even though black cats get a bad rap, they still make great pets. Let’s help turn these common myths around. Consider adopting a black cat from one of the rescues and shelters Freshpet has worked with in the past. And since black cats deserve to eat fresh too, make sure to feed them Vital™ Complete Meals for Cats made with all natural ingredients.

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