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6 Top-Rated Pet Cameras To Keep An Eye On Your Dog or Cat

01 Mar 2019 | Written by Freshpet
As much as we wish our pets could be with us wherever we go, it is rarely the case. Fortunately, there are countless pet cameras on the market that allow you to stay in touch with your beloved dog or cat while you’re on the go, and we’ve put together a list of six that are perfect for every budget and preference.

Furbo Dog Camera

Designed specifically for dogs, the Furbo Dog Camera has all the features you can imagine. Its real-time barking alert sends push notifications straight to your phone when it detects your dog is vocalizing and nudges you to check on them. If your dog is normally a barker, don’t worry – the sensitivity of this feature can be adjusted. Another fun feature is that you can actually use the camera to give your dog a treat. Using a method similar to clicker training, the camera emits a clicking noise before giving your pet the treat. This features means that your dog will quickly learn that a click means you’re about to show your love in the form of a tasty treat. Speaking of training, Furbo is also able to detect what your pet is doing and send you “smart dog alerts”. For example if it detects your dog lounging on the sofa it will let you know, a helpful feature for pet owners in the process of training their pups to stay off such items.

Pawbo+ Wireless Interactive Pet Camera

If you’re worried about how much activity your pet is getting throughout the day, the Pawbo+ is the right camera for you. It features a built in laser game that will give your pet some extra simulation during the day, which is especially important for indoor pets, such as cats. Once play time is over, you can reward your pet with the camera’s remote treat dispensing option. In addition to the game, the camera itself includes an HD video feed and two-way talk feature so you can spend some face-to-face time with your pet regardless of your current location. If you happen to take some cute snaps of your pet with the camera, you can share them directly to your social media channels.

Petcube Bites

Simply put, Petcube Bites is a pet sitter in the form of a camera. The 1080-pixel video is recoded from a 138-degree wide-angle camera, so you can always see exactly where your pet is. The footage is available as a live stream on the app or can be recorded 24/7 through an opt-in subscription service. Plus, the camera works at night, so you can check in on your pets without waking them up. While many pet cameras feature a treat dispenser, the Petcube Bites actually tosses the treat up to 6 feet in the air for your pet to catch. What’s really cool is the fact you can give other friends and family members access to the camera so they can toss some treats and check in on your pets as well.

Petchatz HD

What makes Petchatz HD different from other pet cameras is the fact that your pet can use it to call you. With this “PawCall” feature, you can schedule calls with the app and the camera will light up and encourage your pet to press their paw to the screen to connect the call. This certainly will require some training before you can use it properly, but once your pet has the skill, the opportunities are endless! In addition to PawCall, Petchatz also has two-way video functionality so your pet can see you at the same time you see them – perfect for pets that feel more at ease when they can see you. When you’re not on the screen, it can also display recorded visual content – similar to a television – so your pet has something new to watch throughout the day.

Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat Cam is perfect for owners who are looking for a reliable camera that allows them to check in on their pet, but don’t need all the extra features. As the name suggests, the Petzi Treat Cam allows you to give your pet a treat at the push of a button, directly from your smartphone or tablet. Unlike other treat dispensers that only hold bite sized treats, Petzi holds treats up to 1 inch in size. The camera itself offers you a high quality video feed for yourself and a high-quality audio feed for your dog, but it doesn’t work the other way around. This means you won’t be able to hear your pet or be alerted when they are making excessive noise. However, it does allow you to snap some cute pictures of your pet directly in the app, so you can capture their cuteness even when you’re not with them.

TOOGE Pet Camera

This camera may not be able to dispense treats or monitor your pet’s noise levels, but it does have great visuals and two-way audio at a budget-friendly price. With TOOGE’s night vision enabled, 360-degree swivel camera, you are able to control the direction, so it’s easy to ensure you’re always watching your pet from the best angle. Zoom in or out, move left or right, up or down, all from the easy-to-use app. Plus, multiple users can watch the video’s stream at once so all of your pet’s friends and family can check in throughout the day.   Whether you choose a camera with all the bells and whistles or one that simply allows you to see what your pet is up to, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that no matter where you are, your pet is only a tap away.

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