"Wait, you actually ATE DOG FOOD?!"

28 Jul 2015 | Written by Freshpet
I remember vividly the first time I heard that employees at Freshpet have eaten our food. It was nearly three years ago, and I was freshly (pun intended) on the job. At the time, I couldn’t imagine ever eating the food; though I knew that Freshpet was different, I had a lot to learn about our food and about other dog foods. On that day, I vowed to try my best to avoid the ceremonial “tasting of the roll.”   https://youtu.be/QtHa8Cf4BOI   As time has gone on, I’ve learned just how special Freshpet is. I’ve spent time at our Kitchens and learned first hand how our food is made and exactly what goes into it. I’ve gotten to know our colleagues in the Kitchens and see how immaculately clean and well cared for it is. And I’ve seen countless Freshpet employees, both new and old, willingly consume our food. But still, I couldn’t bring myself to eat (with the exception of our Turkey Bacon treats, because who can resist Bacon.)   I write this today on the other side, having finally paid my Freshpet dues. I came, I saw, and I ate dog food. Lots of it. And I want to tell you why.   Freshpet is not that different than what I’ll often make for myself for dinner. We use the same ingredients (chicken, for example, and vegetables and brown rice) that I’d pick up at the local grocery store on my way home. We get these ingredients from the same places too: USDA and FDA regulated farms and suppliers. The safety and cleanliness that we uphold in our Kitchens is much better than what I generally do at home. I’m not suggesting we all eat Freshpet all the time: there are nutrients in there that dogs need but that are not necessary for humans. However, I’m fully confident that it’s just fine for a taste.   In the end, I knew I was just playing into the “dog food” stigma that we at Freshpet have worked hard to change. I completely understand why dog food has become synonymous with gross, unappetizing, and mysterious “food.” I wouldn’t want to eat many of the dog foods out there for that reason. But it shouldn’t be that way. Our dogs are family members, so why would we feed them something we ourselves are repulsed by? Simply put, dog food shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.   And so, I sat at the white table just as everyone who had volunteered for the video would soon do. I tasted all three of the dishes and, I have to be totally honest- I couldn’t stop laughing. Not because it was weird to eat dog food (well, maybe a little) but because it was TRULY delicious. I ate second and third bites of each dish, polished off the meatballs and the taco with ease. It was no longer just for the camera; the food and I were having a culinary experience of our own. Karina, my teammate, turned to me and said, “now I understand why Penny (her Cavalier King Charles) loves the Beef and Bison so much.” We giggled, but underneath there was a new sense of understanding. That day, I felt a pride that was greater than what I’d even felt before for the work that we do each day.   https://youtu.be/v4UV_un-2jA   I believe we’re embarking on a new era in dog food, one in which human quality will be a demand, not a rarity. And I believe at Freshpet, we’re leading the way.   By watching this video, you’re helping to make better food for pets a reality. And, in celebration, we’re donating to two wonderful charities helping to feed hungry humans all across the country: The Food Trust and The Jewish Family Services { SOVA Community Food and Resource Program. We thank you for coming along on this journey with us, and look forward to all there is to come.

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13 Oct, 2015 at 08:50 am
my frenchie has megesophagus finally we found freshpet your food stays down with no regurge! Thank you.
Kim G.
9 Jun, 2021 at 05:56 pm
My Staffie, Jackson has been having some digestive issues (constipation) so we just started him on FreshPet. So far, he Loves it. I’ll update in a week or two if we see any changes in him. For now, at least he’s loving meal time again.

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