Ways To Celebrate July 4th With Your Pet (That Don't Include Fireworks)

01 Jul 2020 | Written by Tori Holmes

We all know that 4th of July celebrations will be a little bit different this year, so why not lean into this change and find new ways for you and your pet to celebrate! You may need to skip the fireworks, but many of the other classic celebrations can be easily modified to be 100% pet-friendly.

Choose some fun accessories and get dressed up for the day

While it is likely too hot for your pet to wear any sort of festive clothing, you can always get creative with accessories. If you don’t know where to start, try a 4th of July themed bandana, collar, or leash. You’ll be able to find these at your local pet store, online, or if you’re feeling crafty you can try your hand at decorating them yourself! Of course, make sure that any items you use to decorate are pet-safe and pose no choking risk if they come off.

Get outside

There won’t be any parties or parades this Independence Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still spend some time outdoors, while of course still social distancing. Use this as an opportunity to explore somewhere new, whether it be a different neighborhood or a local trail you’ve never been on. In addition to it being great exercise, spending the day outside gives your pet the chance to show off their fancy new accessories – bonus points if you sport your own festive attire to match!

Before you head out, make sure to check the weather to ensure it’s not too hot and have a bag packed with everything you’ll need for your adventure, including plenty of fresh water. It’s also important that you keep them on-leash the entire time, as you never know when fireworks or firecrackers could be set off.

Set up a fun and safe space inside

If your pet prefers the indoors or you don’t think you can safely enjoy the outdoors, celebrating inside is a great option. Create a list of your pet’s favorite games to play inside and see if you can add a festive twist to mark the day. For example, in a game of “find it” you can hide red, white, and blue toys or treats around your house for your pet to find.

After the games are done, you can set up a cozy corner to settle down for the evening once the fireworks start. The key is to make the space as quiet as possible, so try closing the blinds and windows, turning on the television or radio to block out the noise and have lots of blankets and pillows your pet can can rest on. You can also save a Kong filled with their favorite Freshpet recipe to make it a special way to keep them occupied throughout the evening.

Go for a picnic

If you have access to outdoor space, try setting up a socially distanced little picnic for you and your pet to enjoy. You can bring some picnic treats for yourself as well as a special meal of your pet’s favorite Freshpet recipe. You can also include some pet-safe human food, such as fruits and veggies, in your basket so you can both enjoy some snacks between any other activities you have planned. If the temperatures are soaring, some DIY summer frozen dog treats could be a fun addition to your picnic.

Keep cool with some water activities

Depending on the social distancing rules and weather in your area, the 4th of July is a great day to take a trip to the dog beach. With sprawling beaches, you should be able to safely keep your distance from other pet parents, while still allowing your dog to enjoy some time with new friends. Just be sure that they have their life jacket on if they’re not a strong swimmer! If you don’t live near water or current rules don’t allow it, no problem – you can get creative with the outdoor space you have. Try setting up a sprinkler and letting your pet run through it or filling a kiddie pool with water and playing some interactive games.

We hope that this gives you some ideas of how you can have a memorable 4th of July celebration, without the fireworks.

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