Without a Rescue Onboard, This Woman Helps to Raise Money for Two Abandoned Pitbulls

21 Oct 2015 | Written by Freshpet
  Nazli first found pitbulls Hope and Tank abandoned in Riverside, California wandering alone very close to her neighborhood. When no rescue was able to help her and the pups, because vet bills were expected to be too high, Nazli took to Instagram and Gofundme to ask for the help both of these dogs needed.   Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.28.16 PM   When Nazli found the pups, they were in need of major help. Hope seemed to have just had a litter of puppies as she was still lactating, and Tank was completely emaciated and could barely walk. When she realized she would have to help the dogs on her own she created @dynamicpitduo on Instagram. She used the page to showcase Hope and Tank's story through photo to help drive awareness of the medical care they would need. She also created a Gofundme page at gofundme.com/ar5xpzac, and Nazli and the dogs have since surpassed their goal to help with vet bills and food. Freshpet was also able to send them a surprise box of fresh food and treats to help them gain healthy weight.   Hope is currently with a foster family, but Tank is still looking for foster care. They are beginning to get the medical attention they desperately need thanks to donations and community help. Once these beautiful pits are strong enough, they'll be looking for their forever homes! Be sure to follow their journey on Instagram and Gofundme.   6276561_1444841966.3427

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