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Top 5 Benefits (and Considerations) of Adopting a Pet

Cats, Dogs, Shelters & Rescues

When you add a new dog or cat into the equation, it can bring about change to your current dynamic. If you’re on the fence about adopting a pet, understanding the benefits and considerations might make the decision easier. Top 5 Benefits Significant Health Boosts: Research indicates pet owners experience a number of significant health benefits. The act of petting or cuddling a dog or…



Best Dogs for City Apartments: Why the Size of Your Pet Doesn’t Matter

Cats, Dogs

When it comes to choosing the right dog for your city apartment lifestyle, many people are surprised to find out that size isn’t the most important thing to consider. There are breeds of all sizes that are perfectly comfortable with apartment living. In fact, they may even prefer it – more opportunity to be close to you!   Greyhound Nicknamed the “40-mph couch potato”, greyhounds…



The Best Podcasts for Dog and Cat People

Cats, Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

Want to learn more about your pets and how to be the best dog or cat parent you can be? These pet podcasts will keep you entertained and informed.     The Purrrcast, hosted by Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris With a cute logo featuring a dignified, bowtie-wearing cat at a retro microphone, The Purrrcast is an instant draw for cat lovers looking for…



What Simple Memory Tests Tells Us About Feline Intelligence


They’re certainly cunning, but are cats smart? Most people agree that cats are crafty and sly, but recent research shows that feline intelligence goes much deeper than mere cunning.   Does Your Cat Remember Her Dinner? The cats versus dogs debate is likely to rage on for all eternity, but when it comes to memory, we tend to ask more of dogs. Cat parents don’t…



Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Pet with These Monitors

Cats, Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

In recent years, webcam technology has taken a step in a pet-friendly direction. Besides watching your furry friends while you’re away, you can interact with them by using one of several cutting-edge pet cameras. Keep an eye on your pets from work or while you’re out running errands to give both you and your pets peace of mind.   Petcube Play Sleek and stylish, Petcube…



How Shelters are Using Scents and Toys to Help Cat Adoption

Cats, Shelters & Rescues

Out of the 3.2 million cats that enter shelters in the United States every year, only about 1.6 million are adopted. And shelters are starting to do something about it. From giving toys to play with and feeding them quality all-natural cat food to using special scents to keep them calm, shelters are changing their approach to caring for their furry residents to reduce stress…



Start A Fresher, Healthier Life with our Fresh With Your Pet 30-Day Meal Plan

Cats, Contests / Giveaways, Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

Have you recently caught yourself scrounging together a few handfuls of snacks and calling it a meal? Or staring down at a plate of the same old boring, nutritionally questionable food, and feeling like it might be time to make a change?   Change is hard – especially when it comes to changing your eating habits. But research proves that sticking to a new workout…



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