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By: Freshpet


This week's blog is written by Genevieve, our Freshpet Consumer Affairs expertThis week’s blog is written by Genevieve, our Freshpet Consumer Affairs expert:

When it comes to Freshpet products, you can ask me anything!  If I don’t know the answer, I know where to find it.  As a Consumer Products professional, with 20+ years experience interacting with savvy shoppers, I’ve dealt with products from vitamins to sewing machines, food products to hair care, and petroleum to pet food.  I jokingly refer to myself as a wealth of useless information because I can still remember previous companies and products.  But it does help when I want to remove a mustard stain.


Over my last four years, I’ve spoken with thousands of pet owners not just about Freshpet, but about their dogs and cats as well.  This gives me the opportunity to talk about my dog Abby, a rescued lab mix who has been part of my family for five years.  She constantly reminds me that I have the best job in the company!

As a dog owner, I appreciate the quality of the fresh foods we make, and that makes it possible to answer your concerns with truth and knowledge, allowing you to continue to make informed decisions about the nutrition for your best friend.


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