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Does This Fur Make Me Look Fat?

By: Freshpet

keep your pet in shapeWe all have good intentions when it comes to feeding our pets, but it can be difficult to stick to our principles when those big, begging eyes are staring holes into our turkey sandwich.

To keep your pet in shape, you can use the same basic equation that applies to humans:

Controlled Calorie Intake + Daily Exercise = Healthy and Fit!

All dogs and cats require a certain amount of calories every day.  There are many factors that play into how many calories they need, such as age, pregnancy, and even climate (outdoor dogs require more food when the weather is very cold).  Your vet can provide you with a daily caloric target.  Don’t forget to include treats when you’re counting calories – they can quickly add up!

Pets can benefit from regular exercise just like we do.  It helps increase their muscle and joint strength and improves their overall heart health.  Plus it keeps them busy and happy, reducing the occurrence of unwanted behavior brought on by boredom or depression.  Some easy activities to get you started include playing fetch outside with your dog or dangling toys to get your cat jumping.

There’s still time to get our furry friends in good form before the holiday season, when food temptations reach an all-time high for all of us!  Simply pay more attention to how much you are feeding your pets and find fun ways to get them more active.

*Always consult with your vet before changing your pet’s diet or exercise routine.


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