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Does Your Pet Have Olympic Fever?

By: Freshpet

Well Olympic Balanced Pets

Andy Murray’s Pups sporting his winning gold and silver medals

With the 2012 London Olympics winding down, it can be tempting to stay in front of the TV all day. But why not take advantage of the nice weather outside and show off your furry friend’s natural athletic abilities with your own version of the games!

Adding exercise to your four-legged pal’s daily routine is not only fun, but can help keep them in tip-top shape. Whether it’s running or playing hide-and-seek, here are some great ideas to keep your pet balanced and happy.

  • Play fun, structured games like tug-of-war or fetch which serves as great exercise, but it also teaches your pup impulse control.
  • Keep your pooch occupied and clean his teeth the natural way by giving him a Dog Joy Fresh Bone.
  • Like their canine counterparts, cats also need plenty of exercise. Play chase or fetch with toy mice, furry toys, or small balls.
  • Teach your cat new tricks like using the toilet, sitting up, and coming when called.
  • Encourage your kittens favorite home alone activities like watching viral cat videos, bird watching, and exploring paper bags or boxes.

There are countless more fun activities to help enrich your pet’s life. What are some of your favorites?


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