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At Freshpet, we believe pets deserve real, fresh food that makes a difference in their happy, tail-wagging lives. That’s why we make our pet food using only fresh, whole, high-quality ingredients delivered to our Kitchen daily. All those high-quality ingredients mean healthier, tastier fresh food that dogs can't resist!
slices of chicken, carrots, spinach, and one egg


is the #1 Ingredient


any Preservatives


or By-product Meals

The fresh, healthy food your best friend deserves

The fresh, healthy food your best friend deserves

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Maggie's Story
Submitted Oct 25, 2021

We adopted Maggie, a rat terrier, 3 years ago. Her previous owner told us that it was not unusual for her to skip meals, sometimes for a whole day, at least once a week. On those days we could literally hear her belly gurgling and she would be low energy. We felt so bad for her. We tried different dry kibble and then one day, on a whim, I bought some Freshpet. It's been 5 months now and she's literally only skipped meals once. She *loves* her food and will turn circles at her bowl when she's waiting to be fed. An added bonus is that her hair is much softer and less wiry! We are customers for life! Thank you so much!

Aug 28, 2021

Finally Eating and Gaining Weight!

My year-old husky had a rough time, he constantly had tummy troubles or just refused to eat. We went through a year’s worth of various dog food to only have the issues return. He was underweight, only 45 pounds. We decided to try Freshpet. He has gained weight and is always ready to eat. He has gained 6 pounds and is now a happy dog!

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Freshpet® Select Fresh From the Kitchen™ Home Cooked Chicken Recipe for Dogs
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