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Home cooking a complete and balanced healthy meal for your dog can be tricky. With Homestyle Creations, feeding a freshly crafted meal to your dog has never been easier. We source natural proteins and vitamin-rich fruits & vegetables and gently cook them in small batches to create complete & balanced recipes your dog will love.


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Enjoy Freshly Crafted Meals

Why eat the same thing every day? Freshpet Homestyle Creations make it easy to serve up exciting, freshly crafted meals your dog will love!

Available at select Whole Foods, Target and Meijer locations.

100% Natural Custom Dog Meals

100% Natural Custom Dog Meals

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James' Story
Submitted Feb 7, 2021

James is special. I rescued him after he'd been abused causing him to lose both eyes. That's not what made him special though-it's the courage he's shown adapting to a sightless world. James lives fiercely & fully using his hearing, sense of smell & a touch of what I like to call bat-radar magic! He's an inspiration to all who come to know him. James is sweet & stubborn. Feeding him has been an ongoing challenge. In the two years I've had him I've yet to find or make anything he likes. I've gone through practically every brand of dog food. The first day or two he'll eat it, but the "honeymoon" phase is always short-lived. Even when I recently tried homemade food he just sniffed & walked away. At the end of my rope Freshpet came to the rescue. Searching the dog food aisle trying to find something he might like I saw a refrigeration case & that's where I found Freshpet. With nothing to lose I bought a bag of Small Dog Bite-Size Chicken with carrots & cranberries. Four days in & he's still eating with gusto! Every meal I stand by amazed. When I took this picture he looked up at me with an unmistakable expression that said, "Well, mom you finally got it right"! Freshpet has turned mealtime from frustrating to foolproof. I don't know who's happier, me or James. All I can say is Freshpet, you finally won him over!

Jackson or “Jack Hammer“
Jan 14, 2021


I bought this product with the intent of our service dog, Jackson, who might enjoy something new. Jackson is very dear to us. He likes your Freshpet Homestyle Creations Natural Beef Recipe. I added some vegetables and he licked clean his plate. Thank you as he has congestive heart failure and it is important that he eat as healthy as possible.

Homestyle Creations™ Natural Chicken Recipe for Dogs
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