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Homestyle Creations™ Healthy Mixers™: Cranberries, Carrots & Green Beans for Dogs

Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies are combined in a natural broth to create our tasty Cranberries, Carrots, and Green Beans Mixer. This healthy recipe is made in the USA using 100% natural fruits & veggies and is free from grains, gluten, fillers, and soy.

Note: Healthy Mixers™ are intended to be combined with our Homestyle Creations meat patties, and are not designed to be a complete & balanced meal on their own.

Available in: 4.5 oz. cups
At select Whole Foods, Target and Meijer locations



100% Real Cuts of Meat


Fruits, Vegetables & Grains

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Feeding Guidelines

This product is formulated for supplemental feeding. This is a complementary food intended to be fed with a complete & balanced dog food diet.

Use within 3 days of opening.

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Serve 4 2/3 - 5 2/3 cups per day

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