Freshpet Spring & Sprout Plant-Based Dog Food

Developed in partnership with Freshpet's veterinarian nutritionist, Spring & Sprout is crafted with natural, plant-based protein, cage-free eggs and fresh veggies for perfectly balanced nutrition that dogs can thrive on. The result is a healthy, planet-friendly, plant-based meal that has even more protein than conventional pet food!

Pet Food Committed to
the Well-Being of the Planet

Like you, we’re pet lovers with a deep commitment to pet welfare and the well-being of the planet. We carefully combined high-protein plants and cage-free eggs with nutrient-rich fruit & vegetables, for well-balanced food that has more protein than conventional pet food – the result is planet-friendly food your dog can thrive on.

Plant-Based Meals

Plant-Based Meals

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Spring & Sprout™  FAQs

Is Spring & Sprout Complete and Balanced?

Yes. This recipe has been developed and tested to meet all AAFCO nutritional requirements for adult dogs. Our veterinarian nutritionist has paid particular attention to the protein sources, specifically combining different types of plant proteins and cage-free eggs to complement each other’s nutrients and provide a complete and balanced meal for your pup.

Is this diet Vegan or Vegetarian? Why does it contain eggs?

Freshpet Spring & Sprout is a vegetarian, meat-free food.  The main sources of protein and energy are from plants.  Yet, the recipe is not vegan as it contains some protein from animal origin (cage-free eggs).  Cage-free eggs are one of the most nutritionally complete foods in nature. They are also very palatable and highly digestible. The addition of egg ensures that your dog will have a highly nutritious (and delicious) diet while not eating any meat proteins.​

Is there enough protein in Spring & Sprout for my dog?

Yes! We’ve carefully combined high-protein plants and cage-free eggs with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables for a well-balanced food that has more protein per serving than traditional dry or wet dog food – the result is a planet-friendly food your dog can thrive on.​

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