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Ellie Mae’s Recovery

By: Karina Delaine

Recently engaged couple Melissa and Josh decided to move to San Diego, CA just a month ago with their loving dog Ellie Mae. Ellie was playing and exploring in her new front yard when she was bit by a rattle snake.


“She came to the front porch, laid down and was acting very strange. Which is very unusual for our rambunctious puppy,” says Melissa.


They rushed Ellie Mae to the veterinarian to make sure she was alright and discovered that her bite is potentially fatal. Ellie has already begun anti-venom shots and plasma transfusions and will need to continue treatment that cost the couple between $5,000 to $10,000. With Melissa and Josh’s wedding just 6 months away, they decided to reallocate their wedding and honeymoon budget to save their dogs life and give her the treatment she needs.




Ellie is currently on bed rest for the next two weeks as she heals with her caring family. But she needs a Tail of Good to turn her story around.





Ellie’s parents reached out to us to help share her story. Freshpet will be donating $500 to their GoFundMe fundraiser and we encourage you to donate too, or share this post to help Ellie Mae, Melissa and Josh during an unfortunate time financially.






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