Freshpet Custom Meals™ is available exclusively at Start Now
Freshpet Custom Meals™ is available exclusively at Start Now

Freshpet Vital Cat Food

We believe a healthy life starts with eating fresh, real food that is gently cooked and full of essential nutrients.  Vital recipes are 100% all-natural, delivering only what your pet needs and nothing more. That means no preservatives, meat by-products or rendered meals.





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BlackJack, B's Story

I have multiple pets in the household, including five cats and one small dog. For 5+ years, I was making homemade raw food for my babies for health, and to save some money. After getting busier with work and wanting to spend more quality time with my pets versus time making food, I decided to make the switch to Freshpet Vital. I had tried another raw product (frozen), but they did not care for it. This food, everyone loves! Two of my cats are Siamese, and one is a Siamese-mix; one of them in particular is very picky about food and has a very sensitive stomach. He actually gets really excited to eat this and eats faster than some of the others now, and has not had any stomach issues (which I worried about trying something different).

Jun 5, 2021

Rook and Lore’s Foster Pet Parent

I have had a few sets of foster kittens experiencing illness which causes them to not want to eat. I bought some Freshpet Vital Chicken and Beef. These kittens bounced right back, gained weight, enjoy eating and it cleared up their tummy troubles. Will be using this from now on!

Vital® Grain Free Chicken & Beef Recipe for Cats
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