Beating The Heat: How to Care For a Heat-Sensitive Pet

19 Aug 2021 | Written by Tori Holmes

When it comes to dealing with the heat, not all pets are equally equipped. Some pets are much more vulnerable to the heat than others, which means it’s up to their pet parents to ensure that they get the care they need during the warm months of the year.

What types of pets are most heat-sensitive?

There are a few characteristics that make a pet more sensitive to heat, so it’s important to know if they fall into one of these categories.

How can I keep my heat-sensitive pet cool in warm weather?

Our pets can only sweat through their paws, so they often need some assistance from their pet parents to stay cool when the temperatures soar.

We hope that these tips will help you better care for your heat-sensitive pet this summer! If you have any concerns about your pet’s health during the warm weather, schedule an appointment with your vet – they’ll be able to put together a detailed care plan to help your pet stay healthy and cool.

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