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Freshpet® Select Chicken and Beef Cat Food Paté

A gourmet paté-style complete recipe made with chicken, chicken liver, beef and eggs, plus essential vitamins and minerals for a mouth-watering complete and balanced meal for your cat. No corn, wheat or rendered meals. Never any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.


US Farm Raised Chicken


or By-product Meals


Any Preservatives


How to Feed

Depending on the age, activity level, and condition of your cat, the feeding guidelines will need to be adjusted. The normal daily feeding amount for a healthy adult cat: Cat’s Weight Amount to Feed Per Day 5-10 lbs 1/4 – 3/8 lbs 11-15 lbs 3/8 – 1/2 lbs For pregnant or lactating females, offer two to three times the normal amount of food. For kittens, feed up to twice the normal adult requirement from two to fourteen months of age in three to four feedings. The above quantities can be fed as one meal or divided into two meals based on your cat’s preference. Please adjust the amount you serve to ensure your cat finishes the food within three hours. If any food remains, please discard and clean bowl before serving new food. When switching foods, gradually increase the new food and decrease the previous food to help make a smooth transition.

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Serve 4 2/3 - 5 2/3 cups per day

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