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Nature's Fresh grain free chicken and ocean whitefish cat food package

Freshpet Nature's Fresh Cat Food

A fresh approach to holistic nutrition. Thoughtfully prepared, made of carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients that are GAP certified.


Commitment to Ethically Sourced & Humanely Raised Poultry


(Whenever Possible)


& Vegetarian-Fed Chicken & Turkey

Thoughtfully prepared meals, made of carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients that are GAP certified.

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a small back kitten with white patches

I know Ginny probably isn't the typical pet that you'll receive a story about, but your food has seriously changed everything for her. When I adopted Ginny she was four weeks old. For the next six weeks she never left my sight. She was so teeny I was able to put her in an oversized pouch thing that I wore around my neck. This of course created an incredible bond between us, only strengthened by the fact that I bottle fed her and essentially acted as her mother. In time I taught her how to use a litter box and weaned her off her bottle. As per her breeder's recommendation I had her on a dry food-stuffs and left it out for her so she could choose when she was hungry. I was also supplementing this dry food with fresh fruits and veggies - to closely relate to her natural diet. For the first two years Ginny was eating solid food and everything was going fine, until our food supplier ran out (momentarily) of the special food she was eating. This caused me to start researching what foods Ginny could and should be eating. Well it became quickly evident that I was not doing the best I could as her "mother". We started trying different raw-meat foods, but I was still unsatisfied. Ginny either had a lack of interest or I wasn't noticing any changes. Finally Freshpet was recommended to me! Ginny has only been eating this for about six months now, but I have seen a noticeable difference. Her coat is more vibrant than ever, she's filled out more, and she's eating all of her food! Freshpet's obvious benefits and easy access will keep Ginny and I coming back for a long time. Thank you!

Apr 14, 2018

Great food

Freshpet is the only food that I my cat Sadie Grace, who is a Bengal, and in being a Bengal has a sensitive stomach would eat. She came to me with tritrichomonas foetus and with that had vomiting and diarrhea and was very picky about the food she’d eat. She consistently loves Fresh Pet, and will usually eat the whole bowl despite being such a picky eater.

freshpet cat food package
Nature’s Fresh® Grain Free Chicken & Ocean Whitefish with Antioxidant-Rich Vegetables Cat Food Recipe
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