The Company

Dedicated to Bringing the Power of Fresh, Real Food to Pets

Doing Right by Pets, People, and the Planet

Our goal is to do right by pets, people, and the planet every step of the way from farm to fridge. Whether it’s carefully sourcing the ingredients we use or taking extra steps to ensure the highest quality in our kitchens, we run our business with integrity, transparency, and social responsibility.

Our Story

Meet the Freshpet Family

When we started Freshpet, we knew we could make better foods for pets. In the process of building the company, we wanted to change the industry through positive innovation that is good for pets, pet parents and the planet all at the same time.

We set out on a mission to revolutionize the way all pets are fed by making fresh, natural food. We gathered a team of the best in both pet and human food and in October 2006, we were cooking nutritious, fresh meals for pets. Soon, our little company started to grow and we found ourselves delivering fresh, refrigerated pet food to more and more stores.

We are incredibly proud and humbled that over 1 million pet parents now use our food from our retail network of over 19,000 fridges.

It’s amazing what can happen when you start completely fresh!


Supporting Pets

We partner with dozens of local and national pet adoption organizations, from amazing dog shelters that specialize in hard-cases that need extra love, to heroic cat rescues that rehabilitate wounded kittens and find them forever homes.

We’re extremely proud of our partners, and regularly support our network of pet charities with food, donations, and financial gifts. If you represent a cat or dog rescue, or another pet-related cause, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your story with us!

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An Advocate for Pet Parents

We consider our dogs and cats to be part of the family. That’s why we say “Pet Parents” instead of pet owners.

In order to support all pet parents – both those who feed Freshpet, and those who don’t – we’re constantly working to provide personal and professional development for our diverse associates, partner with leading veterinarians and pet parents in the community, enhance animal care education, advocate for more pet-friendly workplaces and find trusted partners who believe in and share our mission.

If you have an organization that’s making strides for pet parents, or know a particular pet parent who could use a hand from Freshpet, reach out to our Customer Care team.

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Our Team

We’re a team of dog-obsessed, cat-crazy pet parents who live and work alongside our four-legged best friends. We’re united by a passion for pets and a mission to give them the best pet food possible for a happy, healthy, and long life.

a cat and a dog posing for the camera with their parent

“I am so lucky and proud of the work we do to help pets live longer, healthier lives.”



Piper (Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix), Harley and Simba (Tabby Cats)

Scott Morris
President & Co-Founder
a black dog in front of her parent

“I take pride in my role because it means I help consumers best care for their pets, which I know as a pet parent can be so appreciated.”



Abby, 12 year-old black lab mix

Genevieve Ferrara
Consumer Affairs Manager


Good Stewards of the Environment

At Freshpet, we’re always looking for ways to minimize our impact on the environment wherever we can. We’re devoted to running our operations in a sustainable and efficient manner by utilizing 100% wind energy and minimizing waste and materials to become 100% landfill free at the Freshpet Kitchens. We’re also reducing energy consumption with Smart Way Transport and energy-efficient fridges


Sustainably Sourced Food

We take care to source our food locally whenever we can, and always from producers that maintain our high standards for responsible farming and ranching practices. All our meat is 100% farm-raised and shipped fresh to our Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA.