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At Freshpet, we believe pets deserve real, fresh food that makes a difference in their happy, tail-wagging lives. That’s why we make our pet food using only fresh, whole, high-quality ingredients delivered to our Kitchen daily. All those high-quality ingredients mean healthier, tastier fresh food that dogs can't resist!
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US Farm Raised Chicken


or By-product Meals


any Preservatives

The fresh, healthy food your best friend deserves

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Sage's Story
Submitted Nov 11, 2011

“I was going through the grocery store one day and came across the little fridge in the per aisle with Freshpet foods. Not only do I feel better about the foods I’m giving Sage, but I also see a better change in her. I’m so thankful to find healthy food that I can afford and that helps my dog live a healthier and happier life.”

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Nov 11, 2011

My picky eaters love it

I have two senior dogs (age 10), who are both picky about their food. They both love their Freshpet Select Home Cooked. As soon as I put the bowls down, they are both eating. Once Nika is finished, she rubs her muzzle on the spare dog bed, rolls onto her back on the rug and make happy snorty noises.

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Freshpet® Select Fresh From the Kitchen™ Home Cooked Chicken Recipe
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