First, Date Dog

At Freshpet, we believe pet parents share a special connection, and we wanted to find out if that connection could be the foundation for something more. So we flipped the script on dating shows and let the dogs take the lead!

As our best friends, our dogs know us better than anyone. But can they put that knowledge to work and help a bachelor and bachelorette find love? Find out on First, Date Dog!

Episode 2: Robert, the ‘First, Date Dog’ Bachelor

A Fresh, Fuzzy New Approach To Dating

A chance meeting at dog park. The heroic rescue of a loose pooch. A quick stop to pet a pup that becomes a whole conversation, and then something more.

We’ve heard so many stories about how dogs played a central role in bringing two people together, that it got us thinking maybe our dogs really can help us sniff out love. We decided to give it a try with our friends at SoulPancake, with a fun new take on dating!

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Episode 1: Tracee, the ‘First, Date Dog’ Bachelorette

Freshpet Becomes A Proud Sponsor of Pet Partners


Pet Partners' mission is to improve human health and well-being through the human-animal bond. They register human and pet volunteers to become therapy dog teams, ensure the safety and happiness of therapy animals, and host pet focused public health initiatives.

To celebrate "First, Date Dog" and the way our pets so often help build our relationships with one another, Freshpet is proud to become a sponsor of Pet Partners’ important work.

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