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2021 Runner up
2123 Votes

Southeast Runner Up

Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue Inc.

Saint Augustine, FL
2021 Runner up
2123 Votes

Ayla's Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue's purpose is to provide love and dignity to the animals of Northeast Florida. The mission is to rescue abandoned and neglected animals, provide necessary medical care, find forever homes and give sanctuary to those animals who are not adoptable. Ayla's Acres is a force for animal good in St. Johns County and beyond. Founded by one dedicated woman and a small team of volunteers, Ayla's Acres now goes beyond St. Augustine and St. Johns County to help animals displaced by disasters. Two Bahama dogs recently found their forever homes because of Ayla's Acres! Locally, dogs and cats who would have been surrendered to Animal Control, who would have been euthanized, who need serious medical care or who have been severely neglected have found help and fur-ever homes because of Ayla's Acres. A team of hard working volunteers work tirelessly to provide for animals in the system, fund-raise for medical care and work to educate the general public on humane treatment of dogs and cats. There is no other organization like Ayla's Acres in St. Augustine, St. Johns County and beyond. Their dedication to animals and their success in saving lives is unparalleled.

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