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2021 Wunderdog winner

Southeast Wunderdog Winner

Belzoni Animal Rescue Kennel (B.A.R.K.)

Belzoni, MS
2021 Wunderdog winner

Founded in 2012, Belzoni Animal Rescue Kennel (B.A.R.K.) is a volunteer-run rescue in the rural Mississippi Delta, where the state of animal welfare is incredibly challenging. Although they use the city pound space to house the dogs they rescue, they do not receive any funds whatsoever from the city or county. They operate solely on donations as well as the money they make selling quilts and other handmade crafts. As many rescues and shelters have seen due to the pandemic, intake is up and donations are down. There is currently only 1 foster stepping up to help, and they are running out of space to house the dogs in their loving care. They have rescued cats in the past but currently don't have any space to house any. The three people who volunteer their time to help the animals in this area do so in addition to working full-time jobs and managing families and pets of their own. Many of the animals they take in are in very poor shape, and their veterinary bills are unbelievably high even though they have very little money coming in. And in spite of all of these challenges, they continue to forge ahead no matter how difficult things are, and they love these babies all the way into health and homes. I follow many animal rescues around the world, and have been closely involved with a Humane Society in the past. In all I have seen, I have never known of a rescue organization more deserving and more in need of this grant money than Belzoni Animal Rescue Kennel. Thank you for the opportunity to nominate this wonderful organization. I hope that this will lead to something great for them and those they rescue!

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