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2021 Runner up
6442 Votes

Southwest Runner Up

Dog Ranch Rescue

Celina, TX
2021 Runner up
6442 Votes

The picture is Gator, my dog that was rescued by Dog Ranch Rescue. DRR rescues dogs like Gator from all over the country. They are recued out of puppy mills and shelters. They are dogs who are facing euthanasia due to owners unable to provide veterinary care, owner surrenders, dogs found on the street like Gator, etc. All are given all the veterinary care they need, regardless of cost, and are rehabilitated at The Sanctuary until they are well. They are then carefully matched with their best fit forever homes. All rescues are well loved by everyone that comes in contact with them at the organization. I am forever grateful to the Eden family and DRR for saving my Gator. I would love for DRR to win a donation since they operate 100% with donations and volunteers.

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