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Northwest Dog Project

Eugene, OR
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I have been fortunate enough to have fostered numerous dogs for the most incredible, loving, ethical, hard working & deserving rescue organization! Northwest Dog Project rescues neglected, abused & at risk dogs from local Los Angeles city & county shelters, from the streets & roofs of Tijuana, all the way to beautiful Hawai’i. No distance is too far, no case of neglect or abuse is too large for Emma and her team to take on. Piglet found In Tijuana, Sight impaired, deaf, kicked in the face, Bleeding & crying on the streets with a broken jaw, this most resilient girl received incredible medical care & Is now ready for her fairy tale happily ever After. Phoenix, 9 months old, sitting in a rural shelter in Barstow, CA, 6 months Phoenix sat with bad case of very manageable, mange, & one call to a Emma & he was out, now living his best life with his mamas & sister. To all the endless confused, heartbroken, overlooked, overbred, ear cropped meatball, hippo, walrus pitties abandoned & overflowing in our shelters, to all the most vulnerable seniors that were dumped & disposed of for a shiny new puppy...Emma & Northwest Dog Project crew will be waiting to welcome you with open arms & paws to Eugene, OR. You will be welcomed to a life filled with love, delicious food, endless belly rubs, soft beds & blankets, cuddles and more cuddles, toys, walks, hikes, excellent medical care, you will never be abandoned, cold or lonely again, you will not remember anything beyond how loved and special you are. Emma & the Northwest Dog Project crew save lives, both 2 & four legged, they create families and bonds of unconditional love, they teach us all about love, responsibility & loss, they teach us all to be the best version of ourselves. As a local Los Angeles based foster mama for NWDP, I couldn’t feel more inspired & proud of what this very mighty, rescue organization has accomplished & the lives saved. To imagine what a huge help such an incredible amount of money could do for the organization, pups & all the lives that could be saved is beyond exciting. I would like to formally nominate my favorite rescue organization, the one & only Northwest Dog Project. Thank you, Jessica Burton Aka Foster mama to NWDP pups❤️

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