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Southwest Wunderdog Winner

Shaggy Dog Rescue

Houston, TX
22 Votes

Shaggy Dog Rescue is based in Houston, Texas and was founded by Kathy Wetmore. Kathy helps all dogs, not just the cute puppies or healthy young dogs who can be easily adopted. She takes the dogs that no one else will and spares no expense to make certain the dogs get the best medical care, and then makes sure the perfect home is found for her dogs. A large percentage of the dogs coming into Shaggy Dog Rescue have heartworms, need surgery of some kind, have mange, or have just been so neglected that it takes several months to get them healthy. There are several wonderful donors to Shaggy Dog Rescue and Kathy is thankful for them, but there are many times she has to use personal funds to pay her weekly vet bills. It’s not unusual to have two or three big surgeries a week (not counting spay/neuter), and at least one at an emergency clinic. The $10,000 would be so appreciated and would be put to great use in helping even more dogs, and would offer a little relief to a very special lady who has saved so many dogs from certain death. Kathy has blessed so many families with some wonderful and healthy dogs and I fully believe it is time for this truly deserving rescue to be blessed.

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