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Midwest Runner Up

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Saint Louis, MO
14663 Votes

Stray Rescue of St. Louis takes in the worst cases of abuse and neglect - no matter the cost or the time it will take them to heal. We are out on the streets rescuing stray dogs and cats with gunshot wounds, broken limbs, infections, and heartworms. Many of them are pregnant or feral and desperately need our help. We live by the mantra #LeaveNOdogbehind. We also pull medical cases from shelters all throughout Missouri, or even further when necessary. Winning the $10,000 would be incredible and would help us tremendously! The funds would be allocated to our Stracks Fund for medical emergencies and would go directly toward life-saving surgeries and care. Together, with your help, we can give these animals who have been let down by humans a FRESH START at a beautiful new life!

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