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Midwest Runner Up

The Devoted Barn (Devoted Friends Animal Society)

Holly, MI
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The Devoted Barn rescues animals of all kinds from cruelty, neglect, and large scale hoarding. The Barn, a no-kill shelter, with a 501(c)(3) status, was founded by Melissa Borden in 2010. Since then the mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and get the animals ready for adoption. Many of these animals need to heal physically, as well as emotionally. Some animals live at the barn forever, as they never quite recover from the neglect and cruelty they had to endure. Currently, the Barn is home to 190 rescued animals; 62 of which are dogs, with 14 of them being feral. Multiple times a year Melissa travels to California, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio to rescue animals, including Soi (meat-market) dogs from Thailand. Even during these tough economic times, Melissa is still rescuing animals in need of a safe haven. The Devoted Barn family just welcomed a beautiful alpaca, Ms. Boogie; plus, DeeDee, a tri-pod pregnant cow, to the barn. During the last year, Melissa has also poured her heart and soul into 2 cleft-lipped puppies that recently went through cleft palate surgery successfully. The Devoted Barn is a home to many animals that had to experience hardships. With your help we can continue to provide a stable and healing environment for these animals.

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