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Midwest Wunderdog Winner

Tiny N Tall Rescue, Inc.

Cary, IL
865 Votes

I believe this organization should win $10,000 because they are 2 founders (Missy & Niccalina) that lovers their dogs. They fell in love with volunteering and decided to create their rescue for Tinies and Talls: dogs under 25 lbs, and over 80 lbs. These two truly care for the dogs they bring into the rescue by loving them and taking any measure needed to medically and physically help a dog until it finds its own family. Tiny N Tall is their family until then, a family of volunteers and fosters willing and ready to step forward to come to an aid of a dog and to provide for it in a loving, caring home. Many times this is showing a dog that there is so much more to life than sitting alone in a kennel or yard with no human support. Showing a dog that there are comforting people and comfortable beds to lay in. Showing a dog that sometimes you don't have to chase or fight for food. And sometimes showing a dog they can have their babies in a warm home. This prize would be a wonderful gift to help pay for a transport vehicle just purchased to help with transport as before a volunteer was using their vehicle, with hopes of fundraising and events to make the monthly payments. However, all have been postponed due to Covid-19. This prize would also be a way for this rescue to move ahead and provide even more to the dogs they bring in and the items they provide to the adopters as they begin their life with their new pet!

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