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Midwest Grand Prize Winner

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue

Rolla, ND
23428 Votes

TMAR began about 5 years ago out of a garage. Since then, one man and a small team of volunteers have saved more than 4,500 animals. Their plight is documented in the book "Rescue Matters." There has never been a shelter or rescue in the area they serve before. For decades, millions of animals have died in the harsh winter conditions, those that live, breed again in the spring and the cycle of birth and die off continues. TMAR is ending that cycle and has alleviated an unimaginable amount of suffering. They are not quitting anytime soon. However, TMAR is still in one man's garage where he rescues 70-100 animals each month out of a few kennels. They have raised money to build a shelter, they are almost there but not quite. What TMAR has done is inspirational and they have proved to be unstoppable, a rescue that anyone in the world can empathize with and support. And people from all over the world have supported this little rescue that could from a nowhere place in a little town struggling to survive. Where people are suffering, animals are suffering. TMAR has stepped in for the people and the animals and has made an impact that will last for decades to come. They deserve all the help they can get to keep making a difference.

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