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2021 Wunderdog winner

Wunderdog Winner

United Yorkie Rescue

Wales, WI
2021 Wunderdog winner

The all-volunteer led United Yorkie Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of Yorkies & other small dogs. To date, UYR has saved over 3,500 pups & works tirelessly every day to take in as many stray, abandoned or surrendered Yorkies & other small dogs as possible and provide them with foster care, behavioral screening, rehabilitation, and health care, with the ultimate goal of placing them in loving forever homes. Just one look at United Yorkie Rescue's Facebook or Instagram page & it's clear how much the UYR team loves & is dedicated to saving these sweet babies. Earlier this year, UYR took in over 20 Yorkies & a few Maltese pups from a puppy mill in Georgia where over 700 dogs were taken from horrific conditions. United Yorkie Rescue currently has several Yorkies under its care who are in critical condition (2 in need of liver shunt surgery, 1 with internal gall bladder & spleen irregularities, 1 with osteoarthritis & 1 with Protein Losing Enteropathy). United Yorkie Rescue is an amazing organization that relies on donors to continues its mission - they 150% deserve to win $10K - please choose United Yorkie Rescue to win!

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