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Freshpet Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Gift Ideas For Your Dog or Cat

By: Freshpet

Looking for the perfect gift idea for your special pooch or cat this holiday season? Well, look no further! We’ve put together a list of 7 great gifts that includes pet accessories, treats, and toys. Our pets have given us unconditional love and affection all year round so don’t forget to get them a cute gift or two. The holidays are quickly approaching! Check out our list below:


1. Freshpet Foods – What greater gift than the gift of fresh? Keep your dogs happy and healthy by stocking your fridge with Freshpet this season.

2. Pet Santa Costume ($16.95) – This adorable Santa Claus outfit comes complete with the jumpsuit, belt, and matching hat.

3. Holiday Tartan Dog Boots ($26.95) – These boots not only keep your pup’s feet warm, but they’re also stylish!


4. Holiday Penguin Squeaker Mat ($39.98) – Playing with this long penguin squeaker toy will keep your pooch entertained for hours.

5. Comfortable Desktop Cat Seat ($29.95) – Ever want to keep your cat our of the way, but yet an arm’s length away while you’re working? Here’s the perfect solution.

6. Dog Canvas Tote ($22.99) – Perfect for carrying all of your dogs belongings to the beach, while traveling, or just on a stroll to the park.

7. Cat Scratch Tower ($26.99) – This tower has dual toy teasers that will orbit over your cat’s head for hours while he scratches this post.