From Sochi, Russia to Denver

From their amazing rescue to their new life in Denver, Gus tells the story of how the Sochi Pups came to be a loving part of his family, and happier and healthier with Freshpet.

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We believe that fresh, less processed foods have a positive effect on pets’ lives both inside and out. Keep track of your pet’s Fresh Start progress towards a happier, healthier life.

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For each pet parent who signs up to give a Fresh Start, we’ll donate $1* to Humane Society International's global street dog program, dedicated to caring for and providing necessary medical care to dogs living on the streets, just as the Sochi pups were.

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Sochi Pups
Mishka & Jake
Sochi Pups
Going For A Walk
Sochi Pups
Bath Time

a fresh start for the Sochi Pups

Together with Freshpet, Olympic Silver Medalist Gus Kenworthy is giving the Sochi Pups a second chance at life with fresh, real food for pets. We believe in the power of fresh food to help kick-start a happier, healthier life for this deserving trio. Follow their journey and learn how you can give your pet a fresh start, too!

Fresh Food Makes a Difference

Whether you’re bringing a new pet home for the first time, or just looking to give your pet the best, fresh food can make all the difference at any age. Shinier coats, clearer eyes, and increased energy are just some of the benefits of feeding fresh food to your dogs and cats. Read on as veterinarian Dr. Katy explains the power of fresh food:

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Fresh Start Success Stories

Fresh Start

Helped my kitten Dexter get his playful side back!

Posted Sunday June 22, 2014 by Krissy709

I have a wonderful little kitten his name is Dexter. The first few weeks of being home with us he was not all that playful, we tried so many toys thinking that was the problem. I messaged the previous caretaker and asked about his medical history, toys, and food. When she told me that they fed him caned food only, I knew that was the problem. I went to the grocery store, every pet food that was there the first ingredient was by-product. When I got to the end of the aisle I noticed pet food in a fridge, wondering why. I took out Freshpet food and read what their ingredients are; I found the first ingredient was real meat! I love how they have fresh soft food. I bought every kind they had and went home and gave it to Dexter. A week later I notice that he became more playful and now that he is growing up I start to feed him the Freshpet Select Roasted Meals and he gets right happy when he hears the bag making noise. Dexter and I could not be happier, thank you.

Fresh Start

Freshpet all the way everyday!

Posted Monday July 7, 2014 by Denise324

My 2 pugs would get upset stomachs on different dog food brands, and with all the dog food recalls, we knew a fresh, reputable, All-American made pet food was the only way. We saw several positive reviews and commercials about Freshpet a few years ago, and decided to give Freshpet Vital Dog Food formula a shot and boy did it improve our pugs' health. They went from being chubby, sleep, with upset stomachs to being full of life, jolly, healthier in physique and overall health within a couple of weeks of eating their new Freshpet diet. Freshpet is the only diet we consider to be up to par with our standards with our dogs' health and we will never put our dogs' lives at stake with a poorly prepared dog food. Freshpet all the way everyday!

Fresh Start

My 3 finicky chihuahuas still love it!

Posted Monday June 16, 2014 by Suzi

My name is Suzi, I have been working for veterinarian for 29 years. I have 3 extremely finicky chihuahuas. They were all rescues from our local shelter. It's hard when you don't know a pets history, especially when it comes to their diet. I purchased your dog food a year ago to try and the rest is history!! My dogs still love it. They always gobble it down!!! I recommend it to all my clients with pets that won't eat regular dog food. Every person I recommend your product to raves about it and thanks me for the recommendation. My dogs’ coats are soft and shiny and their eyes don't have staining anymore. I LOVE YOUR DOG FOOD!!!!

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Fresh Start Tips from Dr. Katy

Karina Delaine

At Freshpet, we are all in on cooking for our pets when we have the time. Often, our favorite recipes are inspired by the foods we love to eat. And while many of the ingredients we use in our meals are healthy for our pets too, some can be dangerous to feed. So before you step into the kitchen to whip up a treat or…

Karina Delaine

We all know that getting outdoors and putting some miles in makes us happier, healthier and helps us live longer. But what about our dogs? There is nothing dogs enjoy more than going out for a walk with their human. So, how do you take it one step further to turn your dog into your running partner?   Here to help is veterinarian and friend…

Katy Nelson

    For many pet parents, finding a pet food you feel good about feeding can be hard. Between all the ingredients listed and conflicting arguments on which are best, it can be confusing. But one thing I can assure you is that fresh meats make all the difference.     High meat content is important for your dog’s health, but it’s not just about…


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