A Special Holiday Feast For Shelter Pets

We hit our goal of 10,000 shares! Thanks to your all your video shares, we will triple our commitment and donate 30,000 fresh meals to shelter pets in need. Please continue to share to spread the word about shelter animals.

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We've been known to take the holidays seriously. Year after year we've brought in the holiday season with hilarious and memorable videos. From "dogs with hands" eating a holiday feast at the table, to Santa's Elves. But this year we wanted to do something a little different. While we’re proud to have donated over 2,800,000 meals to date, we wanted to have a special donation event that not only showers homeless pets with love, but brings awareness to the wonderful pets everywhere who still need homes this holiday. In the spirit of giving, we worked with the Utah Humane Society to host a holiday soup kitchen for 30+ dogs and cats to give them the best holiday ever before they find their forever homes.

Our Philosophy

At Freshpet we’re dedicated to bringing the power of fresh, real food to pets. Our recipes are made with all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, and are gently cooked to retain key nutrients. If our families are eating fresher, less processed foods, why shouldn’t our pets?

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* Freshpet will donate up to 10,000 meals.

13 thoughts on “Freshpet Holiday Soup Kitchen

  1. The Humane Societies in Parkersburg WV and Marietta Ohio could really use some help feeding the shelter animals.

  2. I just love what you do with the Dogs and Cats. Just so funny and I know you have been working with them. I appreciate the time and effort you put it in. It shows that you Love them too. If I don’t have a Dod and a Cat I would adopt one. When my BABYS Die I will adopt another one. I will never buy one again. They come from a puppy mill where the inbred them to get them perfect. I didn’t know that when I bout my Maultze AKC Register and he stay sick. Bad bones and a lot more wrong!!! I love him so much my heart just acks when he get down and can’t hardly get up he has arthritis in his spine his legs. I have to him medicine for it. He got all the bad geans I love him so very much. You do great work and congratulations on a good job ???

  3. I cant tell how much I enjoy watching these video’s. These dog and cat video’s make the holidays much better!! Thank you so much. Merry Christmas!!

    The Video’s were Hysterical, Precious, Adorable, Just to Darn cute!
    Absolutely Fun-tastic ALL rolled into one!!! They are for so many, desperately needed shelter’s ALL across the United States.
    ALL Furbabies (God’s Creature’s) deserve to be well fed & Truly & Desperately deserves to be a part of someone’s family who can treat & will love these Furbabies as one of their own Family Member’s.
    Each & every Furbaby across America without a home can show & give someone the true meaning of “Unconditional Love.”
    It’s Truly Sad there are ALOT of people in this world who never had someone or will never know the gift of such True Unconditional love that can be given by these Precious Furbabie’s.

    May God Bless each & every one of you for making a difference.

  5. These are “AMAZING and ADORABLE” !!!! Thank-You for “ALL” that you do for these Precious Animals, Prayers that they will “ALL” get a Furever Loving and Safe Home that they so DESERVE !!!! Merry Christmas with Tons of Hugs and Kisses !!!!!!

  6. The ‘Watermelon Mountain Ranch’ is the largest NO KILL shelter in New Mexico. It is located in Rio Rancho, NM. They rescue dogs and cats from all over the state. Two years age I got the most sweetest, caring, and loving small mix breed, Littlebit, as a companion for my ten year old Mini Pin, Sassy, who had just lost her partner. She wasn’t eating, didn’t want to go outdoors, or play. I was spending all my time holding her and talking to her. I took her to the Vet who said I need to get her a companion. After a few weeks Littlebit brought her back to a puppy state. They eat, play, and sleep together. Where one goes the other is right behind him. Littlebit is just eight pounds but you wouldn’t know it to see him fend off other male dogs, some being over 100 pounds. In the evening Littlebit cleans Sassy’s face as they lay together on the couch. I just lost one of my two cats, she was 16 yeas old. I’m going to be taking Mickie who is 10 years old to the Watermelon Mountain Ranch so he can pick out a new companion too. Any help your company can give to this most caring organization would be wonderful. Keep up your good work in helping our dogs and cats that need homes. Thank you.

  7. Amazing, I love what you do to help, all fur babies need to be in safe loving homes. I have had 2 rescue dogs previously and if I had the room/yard I would have another.

  8. Pawsitively the BEST VIDEO EVER! God Bless each Freshpet employee for caring about God’s creatures and for the generosity to those pets that are without their own humans or homes.

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