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Live Like Roo

By: Karina Delaine


This is Roo, which is short for Roosevelt. He’s a Pitbull/Mastiff mix rescued from Chicago Animal Control & Care. Kelly Michael and Sarah Lauch met Roo on a visit to CACC and were immediately drawn to him as he was much calmer than the other dogs that were competing for attention. They learned he was surrendered by his owner because of “issues urinating.”


With the help of One Tail at a Time Rescue, Kelly and Sarah decided to bring the handsome boy home. Sadly, they soon found out that Roo had bone cancer and would only have a few months to live. But this hasn’t stopped them from wanting to care for him and give him the best last months a dog could ask for. This is how #LiveLikeRoo began.




Kelly and Sarah have given Roo a bucket list approach to his day to day life, making each day memorable with fun activities and documenting it along the way on their Facebook page. People have been sending Roo gifts and also sharing their own #LiveLikeRoo moments with the family.





See how Roo has been living out his last days so far:

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  1. My name is Gloria and I work for Animal and care and control. I really love the animals out there. They are the ones with unconditional love.And it makes me feel good to know that other can show that love for the animals that comes in there.Because they need love too.

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