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How We Make the First Dry Dog Food with 100% Fresh Meat

By: Karina Delaine

We launched our newest innovation this Spring: the first dry dog food made with 100% real fresh meat, and fruits & veggies you can actually see. We’re so proud to bring the power of fresh to the shelf especially because so many of you pet parents have been asking us for a recipe like this for your furry one.




We take a simple approach with our Fresh Baked recipes. Here’s how we do it:



100% Fresh Ingredients Make Better Foods

First, we take 100% fresh chicken or turkey that hasn’t been pre-cooked or frozen, and mix them together with whole grains, or lentils for our Grain Free recipe. We will never use rendered meals because fresh chicken or turkey is held to higher quality standards and simply fresher.



Gently Cooked, Not Processed

Next, nuggets are formed and shreds are cut. These are then baked at lower temperatures to remove moisture and retain essential nutrients.



Mix It Up

The nuggets and shreds are then combined with real fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, carrots, spinach clusters or sweet potatoes.



Freshness Guaranteed

Each Fresh Baked resealable bag is stamped with a “Freshly Made on Date” so you know exactly when the food was made.



Have any questions about these recipes? Ask us on Facebook, Twitter, or feel free to call our pet parent advisors  at 866.789.FRESH(3737).


Discover the new Fresh Baked Chicken, Turkey and Grain Free Chicken recipes, here.




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