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Meet Our Patriotic Pets: Beacon

By: Freshpet

Last month, we introduced Jackson – one of the stars of our new TV commercials. If you haven’t seen our commercial  yet, you can view it here.

But now, we’re so excited to introduce one of Jackson’s co-stars and a Freshpet favorite: Beacon! She packs a lot of love for a small pooch and has really made an impression.

Mom’s Name: Laura

Trainer’s Name: Laura

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: 6

Where She Lives: Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Favorite Food: Freshpet Vital Bison & Beef



How did you and your Mom (Laura) end up together? Originally I was going to be bred and have a whole bunch of puppies, but I’m a little too bite-size and they wanted a bigger dog. So I was sold to my Mom at a “bargain basement” price – I was a steal she says! I couldn’t have been luckier to end up here.

What Kind of Pup Were You? If you ask Mom, I certainly wouldn’t have made a good mailman. I used to jump up on the dining room table and look out the front window when Mom and Dad weren’t home. I couldn’t resist shredding the mail they left there – it was too easy! One time, I even tore up a $20 bill that was left near the mail- not my best move. Luckily they weren’t mad, but I haven’t seen too many dollar bills left out since then.

Can You Tell Us A Bit About Your Family? They’re the greatest. My sister, Paris, is three years older than me. She’s a Jack Russell / Boston Terrier mix who came from a shelter. She’s the smartest dog I know and also my role model. I follow her everywhere and learn my tricks from her. My Mom and Dad are so affectionate towards me – I’m spoiled. I get to sleep in the middle of their bed sometimes which is such a treat.

Speaking of Tricks, What’s Your Best One? Well, it’s not really a trick, but I am Therapy Dogs International (TDI) certified. My Mom and I visit hospice patients every Saturday morning. I sit on the patient’s lap or lie on their bed with them and do my best to make them smile.

If You Weren’t A Dog, Who Would You Be? My parents call me Monkey a lot because I love to bounce around the house, hop up on things and make funny noises. I’ve got a lot of energy. So I think either Curious George or Donkey Kong.

Are You Used To Celebrity Status? Don’t make me blush! I’ve only done one other TV spot – the Polka Dog Bakery for Target. It was awesome, but I loved the Freshpet one because we got lots of their food on set!

What’s a Day In the Life of Beacon Like? Mom loves to do Yoga in the morning, so Paris and I hang with her until she’s done. Then we head downstairs for breakfast – Freshpet to start our day! On weekdays, we go to Buddy’s Barking Lot (daycare) while our parents go work in some place called Manhattan. When we get home, Paris and I love to play tug-of-war or tennis ball before dinner. After we’ve stuffed ourselves, it’s back to the couch to watch TV with Mom and Dad.