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Meet Our Patriotic Pets: Jackson

By: Freshpet

Our Patriotic Pets may be TV stars… but they’re just like normal dogs and kitties! We’ll be introducing you to the up-and-coming stars of our newest commercials over the next few weeks. We hope that you enjoy meeting them all.

First up, Jackson, a rambunctious pup with a lot of personality and a lot of heart!


 Mom’s Name: Barbara

 Trainer’s Name:  Lisa

 Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

 Age: 5

 Where do you live now? New Jersey

 Favorite food? Freshpet meatballs and turkey roll


Favorite past time? Doing agility and wrestling with     my brother Baco. I love squirrels and rabbits. When we’re out for our walks I’m always on the look-out. I do get yelled out because I can pull mom or dad down as I try to get to them. I also love to stand on the steps of my parents’ pool and dig in the water. I walk along the bench sometimes and across the pool. Just yesterday I was in digging and fighting with the water, when Baco starts barking at me. He thought I was playing with someone else rather than him. But he didn’t want to come in with me

Do you and your brother Baco get along? When Baco came home, I was a little nervous: I froze whenever he came near.  Now we are the best of friends! We love to race each other around the yard as fast as we can go, and wrestle each other.  If Baco by chance gets ahead of me, I grab his tail and around we go.  We love to play, rough house, and even tease each other. Since I’m the older brother, I’m allowed on my parents’ bed and my brother is not. I stick my nose over the edge and as Baco stands by my head we tease and torment each other.

Best trick? I love lure coursing and am excellent at it! I get to race around a course chasing a “bunny”. I can always catch “him” no matter how fast they make it go.

Where do you like to sleep? At night I sleep in my crate next to parents’ bed. During the day at home I like to be by my mom’s chair in the kitchen or curled up by the front door

Ready for my close-up!


Other photoshoots/commercials you’ve been in? This was my debut! Each time I tried out I was just too black.

What is a typical day in the life of Jackson like?

My dad takes my brother and me downstairs in the morning, lets us out and feeds us our Freshpet. We hang around until mom is ready for work. Dad is already out running. She gives us our treat and I hang out at the front door while Baco is in his crate. Dad takes us to Lisa’s where we play with our friends all day. After mom is finished with work we sometimes do agility or she takes us home and we run around the backyard until dinner. While mom and dad are eating, we take a nap. Then it’s out to race around with Baco, a snack (Freshpet treats) before bed and then we’re upstairs wrestling if mom’s not looking or hanging out. I get to stay up later because I’m not annoying like Baco. Then we’re both in our crates to sleep until the next day’s adventures.