Kind to the planet.
Healthy for the pets we love.

At Nature’s Fresh we believe that how food is made impacts more than our pets’ well-being. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact, while creating healthy food our pets will thrive on. We work with farmers who share our values and concern with animal welfare, and who are pushing the boundaries of sustainable agriculture - like regenerative farming practices that help restore the health of the earth. The result is fresh-cooked, natural pet food, sustainably made with humanely raised meats, fruits and vegetables and no preservatives.

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animal welfare certified

By working with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), we can be sure the chickens and turkeys we source are raised with compassion and fed a vegetarian diet, with no animal by-products or antibiotics.

animal welfare certified

The Pet Sustainability Coalition believes, as we do, in eco-friendlier pet food, and by working together, our industry can have a positive impact on the world. We’re proud to be accredited as a sustainable business by the Coalition, after having gone through their rigorous vetting process.

animal welfare certified

Our grass-fed beef is raised on family farms, with plenty of room to roam, and according to accredited animal welfare standards.

animal welfare certified

Our Turkeys are certified Organic by PCO Organic, which ensures they have been fed Organic non-GMO feed that was grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Additionally, all Nature’s Fresh turkeys were raised according to Global Animal Partnership’s strict animal welfare standards.

animal welfare certified

Our Wild Alaskan Pollock is traceable to its origins, fished with a low carbon footprint, and certified sustainable by the MSC Certified Fishery to meet best practices for sustainable fishing.


carbon neutral

We’re working to minimize our carbon footprint with everything we do. Emissions we have not eliminated are matched with carbon offsets to ensure a healthier climate for future generations.

carbon neutral

When we make Nature’s Fresh, every bit of waste is reused, recycled, or transformed into energy. In 2021 alone, our recycling efforts kept 6,100 metric tons out of landfills.

carbon neutral

All of our products are sustainably made in our eco-friendly kitchens. We consider every aspect of how Nature’s Fresh is made; from the energy we use to the water it takes to make our food.

carbon neutral

The kitchens where our food is made, and the fridges where you find it, use electricity generated by renewable wind energy.


Beyond Nature’s Fresh, at Freshpet, we’re setting the standards in the pet food world for sustainability by doing all we can for the planet.

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Thoughtfully prepared meals, made of carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients that are GAP certified.

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