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Cast your vote for Freshpet’s World’s Greatest Pet Parent

By: Freshpet

Last month, we asked you to nominate someone you feel goes above and beyond as a pet parent. We received so many submissions about such wonderful, devoted pet parents it was hard to narrow it down to just five. Now we need your help selecting the World’s Greatest Pet Parent from the finalists below. Don’t forget to read their stories before you vote!

Our winner will be announced on Friday, March 8th.

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MELISSA F., nominated by Pamela W. 

“Melissa F. is devoted to her dogs and to improving conditions for all animals. Mel is a long time dog foster parent. When she saw Daisy, a yellow lab who had been a breeding dog at a puppy mill, cowering in the shelter, she knew she had to help. As a foster parent and then adopter, Mel brought Daisy out of her shell, slowly helping her to learn how to cope with the world. A short time later, Mel adopted Jasper, also a puppy mill dog.

Her final dog, Cupcake, was also a fearful foster.  When Cupcake escaped her leash and ended up lost for several weeks, Mel coordinated a massive volunteer effort to find her. After several weeks, Cupcake was found with the help of someone who saw one of hundreds of posters Mel put up in the area where Cupcake was lost. With Cupcake’s return, Mel knew she had to adopt the foster dog into her family.

Mel is devoted to her dogs, taking them regularly to the dog park, building their confidence and enriching their lives. She also helps other pet parents through her blog No Dog About It. She has given me tremendous support and advice when I’ve fostered a fearful dog.

I can’t think of anyone who is a more outstanding Freshpet Parent.”



TIFFANY P., nominated by Herbie

“Tiffany is an outstanding Freshpet Parent to our baby kitten, Casper. In March, she picked Casper up at a gas station when she noticed a box along the side of the road. Unfortunately, there were two other kittens; however, they had already gotten out of the box and had been hit by passing drivers. Lucky for baby Casper, he was very small and hadn’t gotten out. Tiffany decided to rescue tiny Casper.

Today, Casper is almost 1 year old and has already faced health problems. Although Tiffany is a full time college student, she also works part time to help provide care for Casper. She does everything for Casper and he has really become a big part of our family as well as a huge part of Tiffany’s life. While doing research for great healthy foods for cats she saw many great things from Freshpet. Although Casper is a very picky eater, he loves Freshpet; in addition it helps with his irritations and also urinary tract problems.

I believe Tiffany is such a great Freshpet parent because she has given this special kitty such a wonderful life not only by saving his life, but also by helping him cope with his health problems. I think that this is a great way to give back to her because she cares so much for animals, as well as works so hard to provide only the best for our kitten.”


JUSTIN W., nominated by Roxie W.

“My name is Roxie, and I’m a 3 year old English Bulldog. I’m going to tell you why my daddy is the best pet parent in the world! We do EVERYTHING together! We love to watch movies (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) and eat together (I especially love it when daddy lets me have some of his breakfast, lunch, dinner or ice cream!!!). My daddy loves outdoor sports and one time mommy took a picture of daddy and me wearing quading goggles together. I want to be just like my daddy! Daddy loves me, even when I’ve done something wrong! One time I ran out of the front door because I wanted to go visit my favorite neighbor. Daddy ran after me as I calmly walked down the sidewalk. I knew I was in trouble so I ran up to my favorite neighbors door and laid down waiting for daddy. He caught up to me, picked me up, and flung me over his shoulder and brought me home! I thought it was so funny and one neighbor asked daddy if I was a sack of potatoes! My daddy also takes good care of me when I’m sick. I got very sick one year with lyme disease. I couldn’t walk or anything! I was in so much pain. Daddy carried me down to the car and held me on the ride to the vet, carried me into the vets office, and comforted me as the vet examined me. I was so scared but daddy made me feel better! Even though I was so sick, I knew I had to eat and drink, and I would only eat and drink if daddy offered it to me. I love to sleep next to my daddy at night. My daddy takes such good care of me, and we have so much fun playing together and relaxing together and just enjoying life. I couldn’t ask for a better daddy and he tells me all the time I am the best daughter! For all of these reasons and so many more my daddy is the best pet parent around!”


Cindy M., nominated by Raul G.

“My fiance Cindy goes above and beyond for cats, both hers and others. She has several special needs kitties that require alot of her time every day, from testing glucose levels and giving insulin shots, to giving subcutaneous fluids, to doling out heart medicines. She also helps transport special needs kitties that need to get from one place to another to get the care they need and she goes out and helps others learn about taking care of their newly diagnosed diabetic cats.

When I saw this contest I knew I had to enter her because of her latest deed. She has been sleeping on the bathroom floor all week with one of her kitties to make sure she doesn’t feel alone while she heals from having surgery recently. Her kitty had a lump removed and subsequently removed her staples. After getting her back to the vet to get re-stapled, Cindy has slept with her every night on the bathroom floor to make sure she doesn’t take them out again and that kitty doesn’t get depressed by being segregated.

There is nothing my fiance wouldn’t do for her kitties.”



LOREN C., nominated by Tanya C.

“I nominated my sister Loren Cross because she is the best pet mom I know. Why you ask? She owns a pitbull named Rosie that she has had since she was 5 weeks old. Since then, she has become a real advocate for the breed in her community. At first, people gave her so many problems because of negative assumptions made about her pit bull. Her condo association even asked her to move because of the dog. My sister fought back by bringing the dog to condo meetings, showing them how well-trained her dog was, and what misconceptions people have about the breed. It took a lot of hard work, but she convinced the condo board that Rosie was not a vicious animal. She even got them to allow other owners to have bully breeds in the condo. She goes everywhere with Rosie to show people how great pitbulls are.”





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