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Pet Parents, Oversharing.

A Podcast By Pet Parents, For Pet Parents

Join one dog mom and one cat mom (who happen to be best friends!), as they dive into the completely ridiculous, gross and magical cult you join the moment you become a pet parent.

“Pet Parents, Oversharing,” hosted by comedians Kaity Reagle and Andrea Shapiro, unpacks the awkward stories, the catastrophic failures, and the fluffy feel-good moments of redemption that’ll have you howling with laughter & recognition over what it means to share your life with a furry friend.

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EP07: Leash Tales,

It’s the season finale, and finally time for our hosts to take a walk! With years of experience professionally walking the dogs of NYC, Andrea dishes on all of the fun, adorable, and strange things – including some very odd pet parent requests – that happen in the life of a dog walker.
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Andrea & Kaity

The First Ladies of Fluff

Andrea Shapiro is the loving mom to two cats, Phoebe & Candy. And Kaity Reagle is the caretaker for the one and only Floof Boi, a seven-year-old shih tzu whose eyes are far apart, but whose heart is in the right place!

They’ve been friends & comedy colleagues for several years, originally bonding over their obsession of animals and love of reality television shows like “The Real Housewives” and “The Bachelor.” They also both love to find ways to embarrass their respective life partners, who luckily put up with their antics.

They both live in Astoria, Queens.

Andrea and Kaity