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How To Prep Your Pet’s Meals For The Week Ahead

By: Karina Delaine

We know many parents like to plan ahead for the week’s meals to save on precious time, and we couldn’t help but think it could also be the perfect time to prep for your pet’s meals too! Here’s how you can get everything ready at the start of the week to have carefree mealtimes every morning and night.



Meal prep time.

Pre-cut or pre-scoop your cat or dog’s mealtime servings and use resealable bags or containers to hold the portions aside. This will help cut on time spent slicing and dicing in the kitchen and give you more time to spend with the family!



Include some variety! 

Variety is the spice of life and just like humans, our pets would much rather have something tasty and different to eat. Try a different protein sources such as Turkey or Beef, or grain-free options.




Also consider mixing up different forms. Change things up by periodically switching from our slice and serve rolls, roasted meals (which are bite-sized “nuggets”), or our Fresh From the Kitchen recipe, which include shredded chicken bites. You can also consider mixing our refrigerated foods with our Fresh Baked recipes – learn more how to do that here.


Plan for easy meal routine. 

Schedule for breakfast and dinner and have your pet eat with you around the same time each day to establish their routine. Make sure to read the recommended serving size for the day on the label and split it in half if you will be feeding them twice a day.


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2 thoughts on “How To Prep Your Pet’s Meals For The Week Ahead

  1. We found your roasted meals when our boy had bone cancer in his nose. It was easy for him to eat and was the only food he really liked. To avoid an argument we also gave a little to his sister on top of her regular food. Our Toby has since passed away, but I have continued to feed Asia a small amount as a treat at breakfast. I’m wondering if anyone has had success in freezing the food. I’m going to try freezing a small amount, as the 1.75 lb bag, when used as a treat, will last nearly 2 weeks. Seems with all the good ingredients that it should freeze as well as anything I cook for the family. We shall see and I will keep you posted!

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