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“Finally mom, you got it.”
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Courtney M.
Jan 05, 2021
Amazing for my finicky Sheltie!

My sheltie Endo has been eating Freshpet Multi-Protein Recipe for a little over a year now. After trying what felt like every dog food under the sun I couldn’t get him to consistently eat his meals. He would nibble here and there but never actually eat. Since he’s been eating Freshpet he licks his bowl clean every time. He’s so excited when I pull the bag from the refrigerator… You have customers...

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Jan 27, 2021
A different dog after eating

I don’t know what you put in this stuff but our dog is a changed pet. She loves this dog food and we have never seen her so energetic and bright eyed. She is 14 years old and very picky with a sensitive stomach. After switching to Freshpet she is like a different dog. Highly recommended!

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